New supersonic aircraft is coming

 United Airlines has announced plans to buy 15 high-speed supersonic aircraft. The aircraft will be purchased from US aircraft manufacturer Boom Supersonic. If all goes well, the company hopes to transport passengers on this aircraft from 2029. In that case, it would take three and a half hours to travel from New York City in the United States to London in the United Kingdom and only six hours from the US city of San Francisco to Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

According to AFP, United Airlines and Boom Supersonic said in a joint statement on Thursday that the United Airlines overcharge will be sold under a commercial agreement only if it meets the security, operation and sustainability requirements of United Airlines. They have a target to start passenger transport in 2029. Through this, high-speed supersonic like Concorde can return to air travel.

According to the agreement between United Airlines and Boom Supersonic, 15 aircraft will be delivered first. In addition, United will be able to buy 35 more aircraft.

However, many analysts have doubts about this aircraft. In particular, they have strong doubts about the speed limit of the aircraft. One of these skeptical experts is Michelle Merluju, an AIR consultant. "It's a great idea, but there are a lot of questions about it," he said, adding that it would cost between  1 trillion and দে 1.5 trillion to get permission to operate each of the new commercial aircraft. "We have to be realistic about this," he said. In that case, he sees 2035 or 2040 as the right time to launch such a commercial flight.

United Airlines and Boom Supersonic say Boom's aircraft will be able to fly at twice the speed of modern aircraft in operation. In that case, it would take three and a half hours to travel from New York City to London. And it takes six hours to go from San Francisco to Tokyo. These supersonic aircraft will have zero carbon emissions. It will use renewable energy.

New supersonic aircraft is coming

What supersonic aircraft is returning to the air

The first commercial supersonic (twice the speed of sound) Concorde flew in the sky from France in the 1960s. The aircraft was originally operated by Air France and British Airways. But the planes were lifted in 2003 due to extra costs and environmental restrictions. Earlier, in 2000, 113 people were killed in a Concorde crash of an Air France passenger. At that time Concord had 100 to 144 seats. Only wealthy people had the ability to travel on this plane.

According to the US Federal Aviation Administration, due to the development of technology, companies in the United States and outside are trying to build high-speed aircraft with more light and durable materials. Besides, efforts are being made to bring new design engines. We may have to wait a little longer for this new aircraft.

Scott Kirby, chief executive of United Airlines, is very optimistic about passenger transport on supersonic aircraft within the target time. "Our goal is always to connect people," he said. We are currently working with Boom. We will be able to do better. "

Boom Supersonic, founded in 2014, says it has already begun working with the U.S. Air Force on a military version of the supersonic aircraft Overture.

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