Microsoft's new Windows 2022

 The US technology giant Microsoft's operating system Windows is getting new surprises, the company said.

At a virtual developer conference, Satya Nadela, CEO of the company, said that the next generation of Windows will be launched very soon. However, he did not release any information about the new Windows. On this occasion, Satya Nadela said that this new update will create a field of financial opportunity for developers and creators. Windows is expected to allow third party app stores in the Windows App Store after the new update.

Microsoft's new Windows 2022

Satya Nadela further said in the program, I myself have been working on this project for the last few months. I'm really excited about the next generation of Windows. And we, the developers, promise that the new update will create more opportunities for Windows developers. We also welcome those creators who are innovative.

It is known that Microsoft has been working on updating its App Store for several months. And the user interface of the same Microsoft Basic operating system is also going to bring big changes.

This time Microsoft can bring third party commerce platforms app. Third party developers will also be able to create their own apps and list them in the Microsoft App Store. Users can also submit apps like Google Chrome in the Windows Store. In addition, users can get the Windows 95 icon back on the new operating system.

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